A Sweet Journey: Marie Iskandar Joins the Le Macaron Family

Date: July 8, 2024
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Author: Le Macaron Franchise

We are delighted to introduce Marie Iskandar, the newest member of the Le Macaron French Pastries family, who will be opening her franchise in at Lafayette Village in Raleigh, North Carolina later this summer. Marie’s story is a testament to passion, perseverance, and a lifelong dream coming to fruition.

From West Africa to North Carolina

Marie’s journey to becoming a Le Macaron Franchise Owner is as unique as the delicate pastries she now shares with her community. Born in Lomé, Togo, to Lebanese parents, Marie’s early life was steeped in a rich blend of cultures, with heavy French influence from frequent trips to Paris, as well as French-speaking friends and classmates. “I was in a French school and met many French families that were very close to us,” Marie explains.

Her family eventually moved to Lebanon, where she completed her high school and undergraduate studies in Medical Laboratory Science. Love and life led her to the United States, where she and her husband started a new chapter in Tennessee.

Discovering a Dream

While raising her four children, Marie never lost sight of her dream to own a café. She remembers, “I kept thinking that one day, once my kids are grown up and more independent, I will fulfill my dream of opening my own coffee shop. But I also needed to wait until we could move to a bigger city where there would be more opportunities for work.”

When she stumbled upon an Instagram ad for Le Macaron, it felt like fate. The elegance and simplicity of the brand, coupled with its authentic European charm, resonated deeply with her. With her background in clinical nutrition and her love for French pastries, nurtured by her childhood in a French-speaking environment, she began to believe that becoming a Franchise Owner was meant to be.

“I kept looking actively and passively…until one day, I came across an ad for the Le Macaron franchise,” Marie recalls. “It sounded so good and appealing, trustworthy and promising, especially the fact that it is French-owned and what I’ve always been looking for.”

The Le Macaron Difference

Though Marie explored other franchise opportunities, she found them lacking in the personal connection and manageable operations she desired. Le Macaron offered a perfect blend of her passions without the overwhelming demands of a full-scale restaurant. The brand’s commitment to quality and its supportive franchise system made it the ideal choice for her.

“The colorful display, the choices and most importantly the concept, is what I fell in love with. I just loved the concept!” effuses Marie. “[Le Macaron] was exactly what I was looking for and I felt that I will be a great addition to the team because I have a European connection and a taste for European pastries and delicacies. I didn’t hesitate to get in touch with the team. I was so excited!”

One of the biggest draws for Marie was the authenticity of the macarons and other French pastries that are made in Le Macaron’s centralized bakery in Sarasota, Florida.

As someone who knows the true taste of a Parisian macaron, Marie was bowled over by the quality of our product. “I grew up eating macarons while traveling through Paris and I always craved them,” she says. “I’ve always looked for an authentic macaron shop around but could never find one, except the boxes that I sometimes buy from the frozen section of the grocery stores. And they don’t taste authentic, just something to nibble on my cravings.” The idea of sharing an authentic taste of Paris with her community in Raleigh got her even more excited to pursue her Le Macaron franchise dream.

Embracing the Franchise Journey

Marie’s journey with Le Macaron has been marked by excitement and thorough preparation. The support from the Le Macaron team has been instrumental in her smooth transition into this new role. From comprehensive training to ongoing assistance, Marie feels confident and ready to deliver the authentic Le Macaron experience to her customers.

“I want to fulfill my dream of owning a French cafe and providing the best European goods to my customers, ” she says. “I want people to know the true taste of authentic macarons and guide them in the gluten-free choices that are not only healthy but also very tasty.”

Marie’s plans for the Raleigh franchise are ambitious yet grounded. With a focus on local promotions and social media engagement, along with her naturally outgoing personality, she aims to create a buzz around her new store and is excited to bring new flavors to her community. “My experiences living abroad have taught me how to interact with people from different parts of the world, and how to learn about new cultures, visions and tastes,” Marie explains. “I love socializing with people from different backgrounds and I know that I have so much to contribute and I am confident that I will succeed in this new business adventure!”

A Community Connection

Marie’s new venture is more than just a business; it’s a dream realized. Her store is set to become a local hub where people can enjoy the finest French pastries in a warm, welcoming environment. Marie’s passion for healthy, delicious food and her dedication to quality service will undoubtedly make her Le Macaron franchise a beloved part of the Raleigh community.

We are thrilled to welcome Marie Iskandar to the Le Macaron family. Her journey is an inspiring example of how dreams can become reality with the right blend of passion, support, and a sprinkle of sweetness. If you would like to learn more about Le Macaron, let Marie’s story inspire you to take the first step to explore the delightful world of French pastries and confections.

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