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Le Macaron French Pastries®

Want to be the owner of a brand that works to bring the passion, elegance, and creativity of an authentic French pastry shop to locations across the U.S. every day?

Ambiance, Quality, Convenience

What Makes Le Macaron French Pastries Special?

In today’s franchise environment, the drive to scale operations can sometimes dilute experience. Standards can drop in favor of staffing requirements and scheduling, and that can lead to uneven results across locations. Le Macaron takes a different approach, and has centralized our expertise.

We prepare our pastries at a central baking facility and deliver them to our locations nationwide. It’s a flexible and forward-leaning way to work, and it helps ensure that our knowledge pool stays in place and that our standards for quality continue to lead the industry.

There are more than 9,100 bakery cafés operating every day in the U.S., with more expected to join in the coming years. Le Macaron’s centralized baking model helps us stand out from the rest, and frees our owners to concentrate on developing the brand.



Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Awards, Inc. 5000 Ranking, and Franchise Gator Fastest Growing Top 100
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Our Products

What is the secret to Le Macaron French Pastries®?

We use only the best ingredients and we respect all the steps of creating our proprietary authentic French macarons.

Beyond our signature macarons, our exquisite product line is made up of creamy French gelato, classic pastries, and cakes, gourmet chocolates, handmade candies, artisanal European-style coffees; in some locations, savory pastries, wine, and champagne.

Meet Our Founders

There’s something special about the experience of visiting an authentic French pâtisserie.

Le Macaron French Pastries founder Rosalie Guillem knows this from a childhood spent around them.

Rosalie grew up in France, and she loved the regular journeys she and her family made to the local pâtisserie. The sights, scents, and energy of the shop thrilled her; made her want to slow down and savor her sweets and beverages.

When Rosalie moved to the U.S. to work on building a better life for her family, she brought the concept of a pastry shop that captured the essence of the French experience along with her. During the Great Recession, she opened the first Le Macaron French Pastries in Sarasota, Florida with her daughter Audrey, and the brand was underway.

Our Patisserie Shops

Today, there are over 60 Le Macaron locations across the nation, with more on the horizon.
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Think and Dream Big: employee packaging macarons, and customers enjoying treats

Franchise Owner Requirements

Are you an owner-operator or investor?

We are entrepreneurial in spirit and love working with people who think and dream big. We are always interested in speaking with area developers, but unlike other franchise concepts in the United States, Le Macaron French Pastries also welcomes first-time entrepreneurs!

For candidates applying for a single unit agreement, you should have:

  • a high credit score
  • liquid capital of $75,000 or more and a net worth of over $250,000

For candidates applying for multiple units, the requirements in terms of both professional backgrounds, skill sets, and financials are determined on a case-by-case basis.

French Pastries: Common Questions Explored


  • What are the most popular French pastries?

Answer: Among the adored French desserts are macarons, croissants, éclairs, and madeleines.  At Le Macaron, we specialize in creating exquisite macarons, providing a delightful range of flavors to satisfy your taste buds.

  • Where can I purchase genuine French pastries?

Answer: To experience authentic French pastries, look no further than Le Macaron. With establishments throughout the United States, our patisseries offer a taste of France with our freshly baked macarons and other delightful treats.

  • What sets French pastries apart from other desserts?

Answer: “French patries are famous for their delicate textures, intricate designs, and emphasis on high-quality ingredients such as butter and fine flour. Unlike other desserts, French pastries often incorporate multiple layers and intricate decorations, resulting in an elegant and refined presentation.

  • Are French pastries challenging to make?

Answer: While some French pastries require precision and practice, others are more accessible for home bakers. At Le Macaron, our expertly crafted macaron kits provide everything you need to create these delicate treats in the comfort of your own kitchen, making the process both approachable and enjoyable.

  • Which are some renowned French pastries shops in the United States?

Answer: “In the United States, esteemed French pastries shops like Le Macaron offer authentic and exquisite desserts. With nationwide locations, Le Macaron Franchise business brings the flavors of France to discerning pastry enthusiasts across the country.

Ready To Start?

Le Macaron is on the move, and we’re looking for potential candidates to join our family of franchise owners as we expand. Interested in finding out more? Contact us today!