How to Open Cookie Franchises in 4 Steps

Date: February 15, 2023
Author: Le Macaron Franchise
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This could be the ideal moment to look into cookie franchises and become an owner.

But before you get started, it’s essential to take a big-picture view of what’s involved in starting cookie franchises and learning what to expect during the process. Finding out about industry and costs, doing brand research, and the onboarding experience are all crucial milestones toward becoming a new franchise owner and making your community a little sweeter.

1. Look at the Industry

One of the first stops for any future owner, whether they’re examining cookie franchises or another business, is the larger industry itself. Industry health can be essential, and potential owners owe it to themselves to learn as much as possible when considering a business.

A snapshot of the industry’s performance can be illuminating, and give prospective owners a good idea of what to expect before they sign on with a brand.

A Growing Business

For people interested in cookie franchises for sale, the industry in the spotlight is bakery cafés in the U.S. That’s a field with a market share of more than $17 billion.

It’s not just market growth that makes a cookie business a prudent option for a future owner. The industry is projected to expand in the coming years, as the franchise model continues to reduce entry costs and make ownership within reach of more people than ever.

And speaking of cost…

 2. Examine Costs

The overall industry health can make cookie franchises a prudent choice for many potential owners.

But the industry is only part of the overall picture that they need to consider. There are several different startup and entry costs that come with franchise ownership, and a prospective owner should keep them in mind when thinking about joining a brand.

Typical Startup Expenses

Here’s some of the usual costs to think about when considering owning cookie franchises.

  • Real estate
  • Inventory
  • Initial fees
  • Recurring fees
  • Buildout
  • Architecture and equipment purchase and installation
  • Hiring and training

Cookie franchise cost also includes the preparation and distribution of the products, which is the heart of the business and a recurring expense.

Every brand is different, and each one has its own business model that factors most or all of those expenses into its pricing and franchise approach. Fortunately, they are required by law to clearly lay out that plan, and the expected costs, in their Franchise Disclosure Document.

Get to know these documents, and find out about the brands to get a clearer idea of which one might be suitable for your needs and situation.

3. Meet with Brand Leadership

A review of costs and Franchise Disclosure Documents can quickly narrow the list of cookie franchises down to the one that best speaks to the potential owner and their needs. And that means it’s time to get serious and engage with the brand.

Meeting with franchise leadership is imperative along the way to becoming a franchise owner. It allows a future owner to get to know the people behind the brand, and to ask important questions.

That’s what the franchise’s Discovery Day is for.

Get Familiar with the Team

Discovery Day can be a fantastic way to learn about the franchise, and it’s also a way for the brand to get to know the soon-to-be owner better before committing to a business relationship with them. It can also be the ideal moment to find out the aspects of the franchise not covered in the Franchise Disclosure Document.

Ask the hard questions, and prepare to answer a few of them yourself. An effective Discovery Day should be something of a two-way audition, and can help clarify how well everyone might work together.

4. Build Out, and Open for Business!

You’ve done your due diligence, and put in the time to ensure you’ve connected with the right brand. Now, it’s time to sign on, and start building cookie franchises of your own!

The buildout and onboarding process can be an exciting time for a new owner. It’s the point at which plans become a reality, and the dream of ownership can be realized.

Franchise Assistance

The owner isn’t alone during this time, either. Instead, the franchisor should be standing with them, and lending the owner their expertise and experience to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Look for the brand to provide direction with almost every aspect of onboarding, from site selection and build, to staff hiring and training, to equipment, setup, and marketing.

And after the buildout is complete and the new franchise owner is ready for business, the franchise support team will likely be onsite with the owner and staff to help launch the business in style.

Discover How to Open Cookie Franchises with Le Macaron French Pastries

Getting started in the cookie business takes a team and a plan, and that’s what Le Macaron French Pastries has built.

We’re in an industry on the rise, and we’ve developed a franchise model centered around our owners. No matter where you set up shop, our centralized baking will help ensure consistent quality and great taste. The simple operation and low initial investment is attractive to entrepreneurs of all levels.
It’s a take on the business that’s aided our growth, and made us a leader in our industry. So we’re excited for what’s to come for Le Macaron, and we’re preparing to expand into new territories again.

Want to get more details? Connect with us today, and find out how to join our brand!

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