Jing Zhou and Leo Liu Bring a Taste of Paris to Portland

Date: May 9, 2024
Category: Meet New Owners
Author: Le Macaron Franchise

Portland residents, get ready to say “Bonjour” to a new Le Macaron café! Our newest Franchise Owners Jing Zhou and Leo Liu are slated to open their very own Le Macaron French Pastries franchise in the metropolitan area later this year. This dynamic duo, who share a deep appreciation for the exquisite and often whimsical world of French pastries, embarked on their entrepreneurial journey with a vision to sprinkle a little sweetness into the lives of their community members.

Journey to Le Macaron

After years in finance and accounting careers, Jing and Leo were ready to leave the corporate grind behind and take a chance on entrepreneurship. “Leo and I have always been passionate about food and cooking. With our background in finance and accounting, we decided to take a leap of faith and leave our corporate jobs in a bustling city to pursue a new lifestyle in Portland,” Jing recalls. After four successful years of owning a small food business together, the couple was ready for yet another challenge. This time, they wanted to own a business that spoke to their shared passion for food while also giving them more flexibility than they had experienced in another franchise system.

After exploring several business opportunities, it was Le Macaron that sparked their interest. “We spent months researching different business opportunities, seeking a brand aligned with our values and goals,” Jing shares. “That’s when we discovered Le Macaron, a French pastry franchise that offered high-quality products and a simple operations model.”

Why Le Macaron?

For Jing and Leo, a healthy work-life balance is every bit as important as the potential for career fulfillment and emotional and financial reward. Because of this, the Le Macaron franchise stood apart from other business opportunities they explored thanks to the ease and scalability of our model. Jing says, “Becoming a franchisee of Le Macaron was the perfect solution for us. It allowed us to scale our production without starting from scratch, ensuring top-quality consistency while keeping costs low. We were impressed by the brand owners’ commitment to finding the right partners and working together towards success.”

In addition to our sweetly scalable business model, Le Macaron French Pastries stands out in the franchise industry for its unique approach and commitment to authenticity. The brand promises a genuine French experience, from the luxurious simplicity of their pastries to the sophisticated yet cozy ambiance of their shops. For foodies like Jing and Leo, this authenticity was an important part of their decision factor.

Franchisees like Jing and Leo are also drawn to Le Macaron for its robust franchise support system, which includes comprehensive training, marketing assistance, and ongoing operational support. This ensures that even those new to the bakery and pastry industry can step in with confidence. “ We were drawn to the idea of focusing on promoting our products and providing excellent customer service rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day operations,” Leo explains.

By the time the couple attended Discovery Day at our Sarasota headquarters, they were sure Le Macaron was the right franchise opportunity for them. Jing recalls, “Attending the Discovery Day solidified our decision. We were able to sample the delicious pastries, learn about the brand’s business model, and see if it aligned with our values.” Jing agrees, “The authentic recipes, simple operations, and family-oriented atmosphere resonated with us, leading to an ‘A-ha’ moment.”

Building a Sweet Dream in Portland

Known for its laid-back Northwest vibes and vibrant culture, not to mention its diverse restaurant scene, Portland is a perfect spot for a Le Macaron café. As Jing and Leo work toward the grand opening of their patisserie, they are backed by the support of the Le Macaron executive team to ensure that they can create a space where community members can relax and enjoy a moment of luxury. Like other Le Macaron cafés across the country, their shop will feature a variety of macarons, ranging from classic flavors like Salted Caramel to inventive creations like Lavender Honey, as well as a variety of other decadent offerings including gelato, chocolates, and a selection of French pastries and coffee. “We are excited to bring a new standard of French pastries to Oregon and introduce the brand to the Northwest,” says Jing. “We aim to create a sweet customer experience and make a mark in the community.”

Looking to the Future

As they look forward, Jing and Leo are excited about the possibilities of their new business venture, and feel strongly that they have the background and experience to make their Le Macaron café a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. “With our finance, accounting, and restaurant management background, we are confident that we have the skills to make our Le M(acaron) franchise a success,” Jing says.

Leo adds, “We are thrilled to embark on this new journey with Le Macaron and can’t wait to see where it takes us. With our passion for food and dedication to quality, we know we have found the perfect fit for this franchise opportunity. Here’s to a sweet and successful future with Le Macaron!”

Hear, hear! We are excited and proud to welcome Jing and Leo to the Le Macaron family, and wish them all the best on their new adventure.

For those considering their own entrepreneurial journey, Le Macaron offers a proven business model, exceptional Franchise Owner support, and a product that brings a touch of French elegance to everyday life. It’s not just about selling pastries; it’s about creating experiences that people cherish.

Jing and Leo’s journey illustrates the allure and fulfillment that comes with owning a Le Macaron franchise. Their story is a testament to the brand’s promise of luxury, community, and support. As they continue to build their dream, they remind us all of the sweet success that comes from passion and perseverance. If you’re ready to live your dream of owning a chic French patisserie in your hometown, visit our website to learn how, like Jing and Leo, you can transform your passion for pastries into a potentially lucrative career…all without ever having to bake a single macaron!



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