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Date: April 16, 2024
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omething big is coming to the Thousand Oaks/Agoura Hills neighborhoods of California, and it’s all thanks to Le Macaron’s newest Franchise Owner, Liz Carpenter. With Le Macaron’s help, Liz has embarked on a sweet journey and will open the doors to her own Le Macaron café later this year. After nearly three decades of customer service experience at one of the nation’s largest retailers, Liz is ready to put her skills and experience to the test and introduce her neighborhood to the authentically delicious macarons and French pastries that continue to delight fans across the country. Here’s how Liz decided to take the leap from employee to entrepreneur with the Le Macaron franchise opportunity.

From Retail to Refined Pastries: A Career Evolution

While you don’t have to have prior experience owning a business to find sweet success as a Le Macaron Franchise Owner, it always helps to have a background in providing outstanding customer service. With nearly three decades of experience as a Costco representative, Liz was able to accumulate an expansive array of experiences, from frontline customer service to specialized roles in the pharmacy. Liz notes, “I have been working in retail at Costco for the past 28 years. This unique experience will benefit my Le Macaron French Pastries business as I have been involved in paying invoices, rotating products, and handling returns and expired products.”

In addition to the practical experience Liz has gained in the retail world, she also has a deep appreciation for customer interactions, something that will certainly serve her well as a Le Macaron Franchise Owner. “I am extremely personable and friendly and love talking to customers and supporting their needs,” she says.

The Foundation of Family and Community

As a wife and mom to two boys, Liz places a great deal of emphasis on family, and sees the Le Macaron opportunity not merely as a business but as a way to connect on a deeper level with her family as well as the members of her community. “My family is a large part of my life,” she says.

However, her traditional work schedule at a busy retail store limited the amount of free time Liz had with her young family, and she began to look for a way to find more freedom and schedule flexibility as a business owner. “I have always wanted to be my own boss and have my own business, she explains, adding, “I was also looking for a way to spend more time with my family and in turn have found a family business that we have all gotten excited over. I have the drive to be successful and have never been afraid of embracing what it takes to get there.”

Liz’s devotion to her family and the importance she places on her interpersonal relationships drew her towards Le Macaron French Pastries, a family-owned brand celebrated for its emphasis on community, connectivity, and creating lasting memories. “During my journey to finding Le Macaron French Pastries I did a lot of soul searching and looking for what makes me happy,” she reflects. “I learned that I enjoy being out in the community talking to people and creating friendships and lasting memories. Le Macaron French Pastries has always portrayed a sense of community and creating that for their franchise owners and customers.”

With the support of her family, Liz is eager to own a Parisian-inspired café where people in her community can find extraordinary moments on ordinary days. “My family has embraced and supported me and are ready to help however they are able,” she notes. “I will have my husband, Aaron, and my children, Grayson and Ryan by my side through all of it. They have always been my biggest cheerleaders. Together, we will create a welcoming atmosphere that makes people want to be there and always know they are welcome. [I want to provide] a place to celebrate the big and little wins along the way.”

Discovering the Dream: Le Macaron French Pastries

Liz’s discovery of Le Macaron began as a quest for a more fulfilling career that promised both autonomy and the joy of community service. “Before I was introduced to Le Macaron French Pastries I was looking at starting a local community-based business,” she remembers. However, the dream of opening a business on her own with no prior entrepreneurial experience quickly became daunting. Liz says, “It was an extremely challenging prospect as I was completely alone without a road map to get where I wanted to be.”

Liz began looking into franchising as a potential way to get the independence of business ownership with the support of an experienced leadership team. She was introduced to Le Macaron by Brian Stern at The Entrepreneur’s Source and knew right away that this opportunity was just what she’d been hoping to find. “Le Macaron had everything I wanted in a business and the support and knowledge of the market I was looking at becoming a part of,” she explains.

As Liz did a deeper dive on the Le Macaron franchise opportunity, she was delighted by the level of support and guidance that our Franchise Owners receive from our leadership team from day one. “I have really enjoyed learning that a Le Macaron franchise comes with a team to support you, answer questions and provide a knowledgeable path to success,” she says.

Embracing the Essence of French Elegance and Community

In addition to being fully backed by an experienced team, Le Macaron Franchise Owners have something else that other franchises can’t offer: the allure of a Parisian café filled with authentic, exquisite pastries. Our philosophy of elegance, community, and a leisurely appreciation of life’s finer aspects is a welcome addition to any neighborhood. Liz was captivated by the brand’s dedication to creating an environment that transcends the conventional bakery model. “Walking into a Le Macaron is much more of an experience,” Liz notes, highlighting the distinct ambiance that distinguishes Le Macaron from other baked-goods retailers.

Best of all, you don’t have to be a pastry chef yourself to own the most popular patisserie in town. Imagine being the proprietor of a beautiful French pastry shop without having to bake a single thing! For our Franchise Owners, it’s a reality. Liz loved the elegant, high-class look of our cafés and the exquisite flavors of our macarons and assorted French pastries that are crafted in our dedicated confectionery and shipped fresh to locations nationwide. This focus on creating a unique customer experience, combined with the authenticity and quality of the French pastries, solidified Liz’s decision to embark on this venture.

A Moment of Connection: Discovery Day and Beyond

Liz’s engagement with Le Macaron’s founders and the immersive Discovery Day experience at our Sarasota headquarters further solidified her desire to invest in our macaron franchise. “When I was able to meet with the Founders I was amazed at how friendly, accepting and knowledgeable they were, Liz notes, adding, “They made me feel comfortable and welcomed from the very beginning.”

The founders’ warmth and expertise immediately made Liz feel at ease, fostering a sense of belonging and support. “Le Macaron’s Discovery Day was a wonderfully exciting day for me,” she recalls. “I was shown how the business was run and how much of a family owned business it is and really opened my eyes to the fact that this would be my family business as well.”

In addition to meeting the leadership team and getting to ask questions about the Le Macaron franchise opportunity, Liz got a firsthand look at the day-to-day operations of a café, not to mention a chance to try our full menu of scrumptious goodies baked at our onsite confectionery. “I was able to experience what it could be like owning a retail location and being able to try all the delicious products was a delightful experience,” she says.

While the confectionery sampling tour is always a highlight for prospective franchisees, it can also be a defining moment in their journey. For Liz, the quality of our products was a key factor in her decision-making process. She explains, “I went to Sarasota knowing if I didn’t believe in the product I would not be able to sell it.” Fortunately, it was love at first bite for Liz, and she knew our array of delectable delicacies would be a fan favorite in her neighborhood. She recalls, “I was able to try several different items: macarons, eclairs and gelato. The textures and flavors were amazing, with not one being like another. A good product will sell itself and I do believe the macarons are authentic and will do just that.”

In addition to a sublime confectionery experience, there is one standout moment for Liz that she credits with making her absolutely certain that she wanted to own a Le Macaron franchise: a sweet interaction with our founder, Rosalie Guillem. “When it was time to say goodbye, Rosalie gave me a hug and I knew that we would be able to make this relationship and business work. She left me with the feeling of being a part of the community and family that Le Macaron is creating. Le Macaron’s message of being a part of the community and supporting one another so we can all succeed is a large part of my draw to the franchise.”

A Bright Future Filled with Flavor and Fellowship

Liz Carpenter stands on the cusp of a new chapter, poised to infuse her local community with the essence of French pastry artistry and the warmth of a gathering place that feels like home. Thanks to an outpouring of support from her fellow Franchise Owners across the country, Liz has had the opportunity to see various cafés in action and get a clearer picture of what she can expect when she opens the doors to her new location. “I have experienced nothing but wonderful and supportive owners,” she says. “They have opened their doors to me and have answered my questions all along the way. I think it is important to be a part of a community that truly cares and isn’t afraid to help others succeed. If one of us succeeds we can all succeed!”

With her family by her side and a clear vision for the future, Liz is not just opening a Le Macaron franchise; she’s weaving a tapestry of community, culture, and culinary excellence that will resonate with patrons for years to come.

Have you, like Liz, always dreamed of owning a business you can be passionate about, but aren’t sure where to start? Le Macaron is looking for people who want to bring a taste of Paris to their hometown. We are currently awarding franchises to qualified investors in select U.S. cities. Visit our website to find out how you can embark on your own journey to sweet success as a Le Macaron Franchise Owner!

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