New franchise owner- Sanjam Chawla & Karam

Date: May 19, 2023
Author: Le Macaron Franchise
New franchise owner- Sanjam Chawla & Karam

As a family-owned and operated, authentic French pastry franchise, being a Franchise Owner, manager or employee at Le Macaron is like being part of a big, supportive family. For Sanjam Chawla, Le Macaron French Pastries represented exactly the type of business she hoped to enter into with her own family. After visiting her first Le Macaron location, Sanjam knew this was the opportunity she’d been looking for.

“We were living in Milwaukee and used to often visit the Le Macaron store to buy sweets,” Sanjam recalls. “Since we had been looking for a business for a while, I got talking to the owner of the store and she had wonderful things to say about Le Macaron That’s what kick started our journey.”

Building A Family Business

Both Sanjam and her husband, Karam, were interested in leaving the corporate world behind and starting a business of their own, and Le Macaron seemed like the perfect fit for their young family. “We wanted to do our own business and become entrepreneurs because we felt it is the right time with young kids, and having gained all the experience of working in the corporate world, it was time to put all our hard work and effort into our own venture,” she says. “It is like having a new baby that we need to nurture and give life to.”

Sanjam and Karam were captivated by the quality and authenticity of the macarons and other French pastries they sampled at Le Macaron, and knew they would do well owning and operating a macaron franchise that prides itself on serving only the finest-quality pastries. “We thought Le Macaron was the right fit because we fell in love with the taste and quality of its products,” Sanjam explains. “When it comes to the food business, quality is the most critical aspect and if that is taken care of, you are in the right hands.”

Authentic French Flavor in Every Bite

Sanjam and Karam appreciated the authenticity that is evident in every bite of a Le Macaron pastry, and especially enjoyed learning about how our macarons and other pastries are all made by trained French pastry chefs in our dedicated Sarasota, Florida confectionery. She says, “Definitely, the authenticity was a big thing–all the head bakers are French and know baking very well. They have been baking for years and have in-depth knowledge about maintaining the quality and taste of every product.”

Additionally, the family aspect of the Le Macaron franchise appealed to Sanjam and Karam and they could see that they would be right at home working with co-Founders Rosalie Guillem, Audrey Gillem-Saba, and the rest of Le Macaron’s executive team. “We loved the fact that it is a family-owned business and we are part of the family. They work with great passion and are always looking at making their products and services better.”

Sanjam and Karam also loved knowing that the responsibility of turning out delicious, authentic French pastries at her Le Macaron location would not fall to them, and that they could instead focus on growing their business. “The one thing that we loved about the opportunity was that we did not have to cook and did not have to be a baker to own the Le Macaron store. Since the bakery items are being made in one big facility and delivered to all the Franchise Owners, it makes it very easy for them to maintain quality and focus on customer service and marketing that can help the brand grow. Also, the quality and taste are maintained at all times, which is a big plus in the industry. We get to sell quality products without having to become bakers ourselves.”

A Sweet End to the Franchise Discovery Journey

As the Sanjam and Karam neared the end of their franchise discovery journey and got closer to being awarded their own Le Macaron bakery franchise, they were invited to fly to our Sarasota headquarters for a Discovery Day, which is a time when potential Franchise Owners are able to tour our corporate facilities, meet the Executive Team, ask questions, and—best of all—sample our delicious macarons and more straight from our dedicated confectionery! Sanjam states that this was an excellent experience for her and her husband. “Le Macaron’s Discovery Day gave us great insight into the business model and the products. We loved tasting each and every pastry and by the end of the day, we were filled with sweetness.”

The sweetness didn’t just come from the delicious pastries, either: the husband and wife duo were able to meet the Le Macaron executive team face-to-face. Now that they are bona fide Franchise Owners, she says the support they have already begun to receive from the team is unparalleled. “The corporate team has been very helpful and forthcoming with all aspects and is just a call away,” she says, adding, “They also helped us find the perfect store in a great location.”

Gearing Up for the Grand Opening!

Looking ahead to the grand opening of her family’s Le Macaron bakery franchise location, Sajam believes that her background in the travel and hospitality industry, along with the corporate experience she and her husband both share, will help them find success in their community. She says, “I strongly feel good customer service along with quality and consistency will make us successful. We are so thrilled to be working with all our customers and the rest of the team. We look forward to making this a successful business. We believe in everything we sell and are looking forward to meeting new people in the area and making them a part of our one big family.”

If you are looking for a bakery franchise opportunity that checks all the boxes of authenticity, quality, and family, Le Macaron might be the right fit just as it was for Sanjam and Karam Sanjam says it best herself: “If you want to be successful and also want to balance your personal life, this is the franchise for you.”

America’s number one macaron franchise is growing quickly! We are awarding franchise opportunities to qualifying candidates in select markets. If you’d like to be considered for our franchise education process, click here to learn more.

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