How Did These Franchise Owners’ Discovery Day Experiences Help Them Choose Le Macaron?

Date: May 19, 2023
Author: Le Macaron Franchise
Le Macaron franchise owners

As America’s number-one macaron franchise, we get a lot of interest from prospective Franchise Owners who are thinking about bringing a taste of France to their hometowns. However, it’s important to us to choose franchise partners who bring more to the table than the investment fee. We are more than a pastry franchise—we’re a family! Because of this, we’re always on the lookout for prospective Franchise Owners who are as committed to quality and authenticity as we are.

If you’re already in our Franchise Discovery Process, you already know that we take time to educate prospective Franchise Owners about the ins and outs of the Le Macaron franchise, from investment and earning potential to the intricacies of our simple, unique business model. It’s essential that we get to know each other and decide if our partnership is a mutual good fit. When we’re especially impressed with a qualifying candidate, we invite them to our Sarasota, Florida headquarters for Discovery Day. This is when candidates can meet with our Founders and other members of our Executive Leadership Team, ask questions, tour our dedicated confectionery and get a better sense of the day-to-day operations of a Le Macaron franchise by visiting our flagship location.

We thought it would be fun to ask our Franchise Owners to share their Discovery Day experiences and find out how their time in Sarasota ultimately influenced their decision to franchise with Le Macaron. Here’s what they had to say:

Mike and Tonda Lucchese, Elkhart, Indiana

To complete their Franchise Discovery Process, Mike and Tonda were invited to meet our Founders and corporate team at our Sarasota headquarters for Discovery Day. There, the Luccheses had the opportunity to tour our confectionery where thousands upon thousands of macarons and other delightful pastries are prepared under the watchful eye of a French-trained pastry chef, Didier Saba, then distributed to Le Macaron locations across the country. They also got to visit our flagship café location in Sarasota’s St. Armands Circle, where they could get a behind-the-scenes look at a day in the life of a Le Macaron Franchise Owner and taste all the

The couple enjoyed meeting the Founders and corporate team, proclaiming them “great people” and being impressed with the passion they bring to the pastry franchise. “We love their passion.

It shows in the products,” Mike notes. Tonda adds, “We would not have invested money and time in this if the product was sub par. We only sell the best product available to our customers and that’s what they expect.” Mike mentioned that getting to see the inner workings of the Le Macaron franchise model
further cemented the simplicity of its operations, saying, “I was able to learn about everything and see how the product was made.” Discovery Day solidified the Luccheses’ decision to move forward with their pastry franchise investment.

Emily and Jeff Gramse, Sacramento, California

With their shared love of all things French, from the food to the architecture, this couple of Francophiles knew right out of the gates that Le Macaron was an excellent franchise fit for them. Visiting our Sarasota headquarters for Discovery Day only served to cement their extremely positive impression of our franchise model and the unique, authentic macarons and other French pastries we offer. In fact, Emily says her favorite part of Discovery Day was “all the TREATS!” and lists the ability to always have our pistachio macarons close at hand as a major motivator for owning a Le Macaron franchise. She says, “We were able to try all the products. We also loved the tour of the bakery as well as face-to-face time with the Owners and Founders.”

Kelli Kaye and Neil Phillips, Tarpon Springs, Florida

Believe it or not, Kelli and Neil’s first-ever interaction with Le Macaron happened during a chance visit to our flagship location in Sarasota in 2010 while on vacation. Fast-forward to 2022, when the couple returned to the place where they fell in love with our authentic macarons—this time as prospective Franchise Owners for Discovery Day!

Kelli says, “What we liked about Discovery Day was gaining more knowledge about Le Macaron’s evolution from its infancy to present, which included touring the flagship café located on St. Armands Circle and the confectionery where all the magic begins. We also met other members of the Le Macaron family and team, giving it a more personal touch.”

Neil adds, “What we liked about meeting Le Macaron’s founders was the display of passion, dedication and unity. We instantly felt welcome. Getting to know the people we would be partnering with reassured us we were in good hands.” As Kelli puts it, “Discovery Day solidified our belief and gave self-assurance that we had found the perfect fit with Le Macaron French Pastries.”

Natalia Mejia and Camilo Beltran, Washington, D.C.

Like Kelli and Neil, Natalia and Camilo’s Le Macaron journey unofficially began during a Florida vacation. Back in 2018, the couple was in the Boca Raton Town Square when they happened upon the macaron franchise that would someday change their lives. Natalia recalls, “We were amazed by the quality of the macarons and the beautiful décor of the store.” Two years later, when they visited Fort Lauderdale, they found another Le Macaron location at Las Olas and were delighted to have an experience that was every bit as good as the first time!

The couple’s Discovery Day experience gave them the “a-ha” moment they needed to decide that Le Macaron was the ideal franchise fit for them. Natalia says, “The moment that stands out for me is when we visited the confectionery and saw all the upgrades that were coming into the kitchen as the company prepared for growth! The process and the operations that are run at the confectionery are very well done and that gives us confidence. As we learned more about plans for growth, we really wanted to be part of that.”

In addition to our impressive confectionery, Natalia also remembers the assurance and warmth she and Camilo felt upon meeting our Founder, Rosalie Guillem, and other members of our family-owned French pastry franchise as part of Discovery Day. She says, “Meeting Rosalie and the family felt like we were family. They are passionate about the work they do, the people in the organization and seemed to really care about every aspect of Le Macaron.”

Are you our next Discovery Day guest?

Interested in someday visiting us in Sarasota and seeing the inner workings of the Le Macaron franchise for yourself? We’re currently awarding franchises in select U.S. cities to qualifying franchise candidates. The first step is to get in touch with our Franchise Development Manager by completing a short, no-obligation questionnaire. From there, our Franchise Development Director will help qualifying candidates navigate through our Discovery Process to find out if a partnership with Le Macaron is a good fit. Visit our website today to learn more about our #1 macaron franchise.

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