Dani & Cesar Amaral Take Their Macaron Franchise Dreams on the Road!

Date: October 25, 2023
Author: Le Macaron Franchise

What could be better than a brand-new Le Macaron store opening in a city near you? How about a Le Macaron food truck that takes our craveable pastries on the go for easy access? Our Franchise Owners, Cesar and Daniela Amaral, are bringing smiles to people in neighborhoods all over their Pembroke Pines, and surrounding Florida communities.

We were able to catch up with the couple and ask them how they first discovered the truly unique and fun franchise opportunity that Le Macaron’s mobile food truck model offered them. Here’s what they had to say about their experience.

Wow! A food truck that serves authentic macarons and other French pastries sounds like a dream come true. Is this your first time owning a franchise?

Cesar: Actually, no. We have worked in the home furnishings industry for over 25 years, in addition to another 10 prior to it, in franchising. Our small franchise was made up of 12 franchisors and 4 corporate stores.

We then ran a very successful local business and built a wonderful network of professionals and clients. We were very involved in our local community and other small businesses.

We both have managerial degrees and a vast experience in sales, franchising and marketing.

Our company had revenues of over 35 million dollars in sales over the years.

With that kind of background, you both must know a great franchise opportunity when you see it! How did you come across Le Macaron and become interested in investing in a French pastry franchise?

Daniela: We became aware of the opportunity to work with Le Macaron when we tried the products at the Pembroke Gardens shop a few years back. When it finally came time to part ways with our furniture operations, we did months of thinking until we found all the necessary tools to dig deeper on the opportunity and approach Rosalie and the Le Macaron family.

What is it about the Le Macaron opportunity that spoke to you? What made you feel that it was a good fit for you and your family?

Daniela: We are very family oriented, and to have the opportunity to show my children, now that they are a little older, that good management skills, good communication, good partnership and valuable products are key to a successful business. And we saw it up close with the Le Macaron family.

Cesar: It was delightful to see a mirror of our family values and structure behind the name.  Besides it being run by a family, we loved the fact that the initial investment was manageable and comfortable.

Was there anything about the Le Macaron opportunity that set it apart from other food-service franchises in your eyes?

Daniela: It’s a very unique, time consuming, delicate product, and a small niche, which makes us all stand out in the crowd.

Cesar: Also, the fact that Le Macaron is willing to work with each one of its franchisees individually, is extremely important to us, since we all have different areas, demands and needs from our fellow franchisees.

Obviously you’re no strangers to entrepreneurship. What do you enjoy most about being in business for yourself, and what do you think makes you a successful business owner?

Cesar: I can’t see myself working for anyone else, except for the hardest and pickiest boss in town—myself! I strongly believe in retaining your clientele. Customer service is the key to a successful business. Clients want to feel special and attended to. Our goal is to grow a large number of faithful clients—followers literally, because they have to follow me to different locations—by word of mouth, which is the oldest and most effective marketing tool out there.

When you’re not driving around Pembroke Pines and surrounding areas, making people’s days with delicious mobile macarons, what do you enjoy doing?

Daniela: Besides caring for the family and being very involved in our children’s daily activities, we are practitioners of Brazilian JiuJitsu. It has been a family affair for over 16 years. It has bonded us even more as family. We also love to travel and explore outdoors and nature.

Final question: what are you looking forward to most about your Le Macaron journey?

Daniela: We want to expand! Also, we want to improve teamwork, encourage open communication among franchisees and franchisors, hold more meetings, and use more marketing tools, innovative services, products and flavors.

Cesar and Daniela Amaral are using their previous business ownership expertise to bring their dreams to life. We wish them nothing but sweet success in their new mobile macaron franchise! Visit our website today to learn more about the Le Macaron opportunity.

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