Our Bakery Franchise Enters the Treasure State

Date: December 9, 2021
Author: Le Macaron Franchise

Although 2022 is on the horizon, our bakery franchise isn’t letting up for the last month of the year, as we’re continuing to award new Franchise Owners! The latest entrepreneur to join Le Macaron French Pastries? Kalena Oschner, a newfound entrepreneur looking to leave the corporate life behind for something sweeter. Our marketing team was lucky enough to sit down with Kalena and chat about her plans for her new low-investment franchise.

While passionate about entrepreneurship (and baking!); Kalena has spent the past 17 years working as an accounting manager for a coal mine. But with travel and family time at the top of her list of personal interests, she knew it was time to find a career with more flexibility and ultimately, one that she could truly feel passionate about.

“After working for someone else my entire adult life, I knew that I wanted to be my own boss and really put my heart and my soul into something I loved,” remarks Kalena. “Sitting behind a desk staring at a computer screen all day was just a paycheck and I was just a number. I wanted something more meaningful to do with my life.”

Luckily for her, bakery franchise ownership with Le Macaron French Pastries was able to check all of those boxes, and more! By chance while visiting Nashville, TN, Kalena stumbled upon a Le Macaron and was instantly impressed by the quality, product offerings, and overall brand image. Then while visiting her sister in Florida, Kalena came across several more Le Macaron locations. She was again intrigued and decided to check out the Le Macaron franchising site.

After a bit more research, Kalena was relatively sure that the Le Macaron model would be the perfect choice for her new career. But how could she be 100% certain? Fortunately, she was given the chance to attend a Le Macaron Discovery Day and was able to get an inside look into the life of a bakery Franchise Owner. Better yet, this experience gave her the opportunity to meet Le Macaron Co-Founder Rosalie Guillem along with several other Le Macaron Franchise Owners, who gave her further insight into the Le Macaron brand.

“I really liked the importance of family and how the Le Macaron team makes you feel like part of the family from day one,” describes Kalena. “Rosalie and Bernard made me feel like they truly cared and were so welcoming and encouraging. I’m sure everyone that’s been around them feels special.”

Fast forward several months, and Kalena is putting the finishing touches on her new bakery franchise, set to open early next year in her hometown of Billings, MT. Although she will be the sole owner of her new franchise, Kalena is certainly not alone during the franchising process, having both her own family and the Le Macaron family helping her with the in’s and out’s of new franchise ownership. Kalena has a strong work ethic and determination that sets her apart, undoubtedly contributing to her future success with Le Macaron. 

When asked what would make her successful, Kolena responded, “I am a hard worker and maybe a little bit stubborn (my mom would probably say more than a little bit, haha), so when I put my mind to something, I become very focused. We have the products and location to make us successful already… now add in some determination on my part and we have everything we need.”

Aside from the enthusiasm and excitement of a new career, Kolena also gets to enjoy a variety of job benefits that are unique to franchise ownership. For starters, she gets to be her own boss, something seldom found in a typical corporate career. Kolena gets to set her own schedule, take time off whenever she needs to, and ultimately, spend more time with friends and family.

Furthermore, owning a bakery franchise with Le Macaron gives Kolena the opportunity to realize tremendous profitability. A low investment starting at just $90,350, paired with minimal start up fees and low overhead costs allow our Franchise Owners to get their new business up-and-running within merely months. This gives them the opportunity to achieve excellent profit margins in the future.

Last but not least, Franchise Owners like Kolena are entering into a new career that they can be truly passionate about. Gone are the days of sitting in a desk chair, waiting for the clock to strike five. As a Le Macaron bakery Franchise Owner, no two days are the same. Every day you’ll be on your feet, interacting with customers, involving yourself with your local community, and building something of your own. Because of this, Le Macaron Franchise Owners are some of the happiest people you’ll ever meet!

So, what are you waiting for?! Leave your boring corporate career behind for something sweeter! Visit our franchising site to get started.

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