Our Bakery Franchise Expands to New Mexico

Date: July 15, 2021
Author: Le Macaron Franchise

It’s been an exciting summer so far for all of us here at Le Macaron French Pastries. COVID restrictions have eased, the sun is shining, and we’re bringing our bakery franchise to dessert-lovers across the nation. Speaking of which, we’ve just expanded to a new state. Thanks to Franchise Owners Tami O’Bryan and Victoria (Tori) Ruggles, Albuquerque, New Mexico is getting its first Le Macaron location! Our marketing team was lucky enough to catch up to the mother-daughter duo for an exclusive interview.

Both baking enthusiasts, Tami and Tori were natural candidates for franchise ownership with Le Macaron French Pastries. The two have been working in a top fast food restaurant (and it has nothing to do with beef!) that Tami’s husband operates for the past 16 years, with Tami in a staff support role and Tori conducting management and operations. Both having strong customer service backgrounds, it only seemed natural for the duo to move on to a family business venture of their own. Bakery franchise ownership with Le Macaron proved to be the perfect opportunity.

In Tami’s words:

“We both love putting a smile on people’s faces and making relationships with our customers as we have done in our previous role. We love Le Macaron’s products and have always dreamed of owning a bakery someday.”

Tami and Tori originally tried Le Macaron back in 2017 and instantly fell in love with the product offerings, which include our delectable macarons, coffee, gelato, and a variety of other pastries. However, not having a franchise in their own community, it was several years before they could experience the unforgettable flavor of Le Macaron once again. By mere chance, Tami came across Le Macaron this past February when searching for Valentine’s Day gifts. She then discovered the Le Macaron franchise opportunity, asked for more information, and was contacted almost immediately. The rest is history.

“We got so excited when we discovered that Le Macaron was a franchise. We were impressed with how quickly they answered our inquiry and moved us along in the process, “ describes Tori. “Since we always wanted to be in the baking industry, we were very excited to learn about owning a retail bakery that makes such authentic and delicious products.”

After attending a Discovery Day and meeting Le Macaron Co-Founder Rosalie Guillem and her team, Tori and Tami were truly set on opening a macaron franchise with Le Macaron. Similar to Rosalie and her daughter Aubrey (who Co-Founded Le Macaron with her mother), Tori and Tami are excited to be starting this venture as a mother/daughter entrepreneurial team. Their work ethic, passion, and enthusiasm for cooking are something we strive to embody in every Le Macaron team member and we have no doubt they will see success with their franchise!

Le Macaron Franchise Owners like Tami and Tori enjoy a variety of benefits that simply can’t be found on a typical career path. For starters, they have unmatched freedom and flexibility. Owning a bakery franchise with Le Macaron lets Tami and Tori be their own bosses. This means they get to set their own schedules, take time off when they need it, and go on that vacation they’ve always wanted. Furthermore, they get to spend more time with their families and enjoy a stronger work/life balance than a typical corporate career.

Here at Le Macaron, we consider ourselves to be part of one big family. What does being part of a family entail? It means supporting each other through thick and thin, which our corporate support team excels at doing for those who choose to franchise with us. From the get go, we support our Franchise Owners with finding real estate, training employees, and pushing marketing efforts. If there are ever any bumps in the road, our support team is always available to help, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Last but not least, owning a bakery franchise with Le Macaron provides a sense of fulfilment that can seldom be found anywhere else. On a daily basis, our Franchise Owners are interacting with customers, getting in touch with their local communities, and providing a high-end, European experience to those around them, something both fun and rewarding. Every day, our Franchise Owners look forward to coming into their bakery and building something of their own. The average career simply cannot offer this level of pride and engagement.

So, now that you’ve seen what it’s like to be a Le Macaron Franchise Owner, what are you waiting for?! Follow in Tori and Tami’s footsteps and bring an unforgettable, high-end European dessert experience to your community today. Visit our dedicated franchise website to get started.

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