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Date: September 6, 2019
Author: Le Macaron Franchise
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Residents of New Philadelphia, Ohio got a sweet treat over the busy Labor Day weekend, in the form of delicious, authentic macarons! On August 31, our  Pittsburgh-based Le Macaron French Pastries kiosk set up shop in Historic Schoenbrunn Village to participate in the Jammin’ Food Truck Fest. The modular bakery franchise kiosk was one of 16 specialty food trucks at the celebration, which benefited the Historic Schoenbrunn Village as well as the Dennison Railroad Depot Museum  and the Museum of Clay Industry and Folk Art. In addition to live music, classic games, a beer garden, and a wine-tasting tent, festival-goers enjoyed a broad variety of food truck cuisine including ice cream, street tacos, BBQ favorites, comfort food, pizza, and more! Thanks to its portable modular design, the Le Macaron kiosk was certainly the only French pâtisserie in attendance, making it an instant hit with festival attendees.

Our signature macarons are an ideal festival food- small, easy to eat, and undeniably delicious, the macaron is right at home at an event that inspires eating while walking around and taking in the sights. After all, France is the birthplace of the macaron, and what could be more Parisian than strolling on the Champs-Élysées, arm in arm with a best friend or special someone, taking a moment to taste the delightful texture and sweetness of an authentic French macaron? It’s only natural that people attending a festival would be similarly inspired to purchase macarons from an attractive, well-placed Le Macaron kiosk.

Aside from being a perfectly portable, bite-sized treat, our macarons also translate well to a festival atmosphere thanks to their natural properties that make them healthier than other dessert options. Our changing dietary needs and health-conscious attitudes are not always addressed at a festival or other temporary event, and many of the foods represented can be full of fats, sugars, and other less-than-healthful ingredients. Because our signature macarons are low in calories, made with no preservatives, and naturally gluten-free, they are a welcome addition for any festival-goer looking for an alternative to fried funnel cakes or deep-fried Twinkies. Health-conscious festival attendees will be delighted to encounter the Le Macaron bakery franchise kiosk at any event, so that they can finish their meal with a sweet, guilt-free reward!

Our modular kiosk is one of the more unique things about the Le Macaron French pastry franchise- unlike other dessert franchise opportunities, we offer three separate business models- our traditional sit-down café, featuring chic European design and a relaxed, inviting atmosphere; the modular kiosk that has become popular at malls, outdoor shopping complexes, and festivals like the Jammin’ Food Truck Fest; and our all-new mobile cart- an easily-movable kiosk on wheels which can be set up virtually anywhere! Franchise Owners may choose one of these business models, or a combination of all three, setting themselves up for multiple streams of revenue and maximizing their potential profitability. By having the ability to attend events like food truck festivals with their modular kiosk or mobile cart, a Le Macaron Franchise Owner can capitalize on opportunities that would be beyond their reach with a traditional, fixed pastry franchise location.

Best of all, since all our macarons, French pastries, gelato, and other delicacies are baked offsite at the Le Macaron Confectionary in Sarasota and shipped to Franchise Owners across the country, there is no need to worry about how to bake everything when you take your cookie franchise location on the road! Unlike other food trucks and mobile restaurant franchises, you will not need to concern yourself with festival logistics such as power sources or back-up generators. Your macarons are already freshly prepared with love, and ready to go! As a Le Macaron Franchise Owner, you can enjoy the freedom that comes from owning a bakery franchise that does not require you to bake a single thing!

The food truck craze that emerged in the late 2000s is more popular than ever, and it isn’t going anywhere soon! No matter where you live, chances are there are well-attended weekly or monthly local food truck events in your community. By owning a Le Macaron modular kiosk, you have an opportunity to bring authentic, delicious macarons to your city while enjoying the sweet profits that come your way!

Would you like to learn more about becoming a Franchise Owner with Le Macaron French Pastries? We are currently expanding to new U.S. territories and are awarding franchises in select cities. Please take a moment to complete the form below and begin your no-cost, no-obligation Education Process, or visit our franchise website.

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